nothing I can say when I'm in your thighs (tinkerbell_mk) wrote in burning_man,
nothing I can say when I'm in your thighs

Going to Fuego this weekend, come support our friend!!!

Hey Everyone going to the Orange County/San Diego decompression this weekend!!!

I'm sure you guys have all been in this situation, you have friends that you know would fall in love with burning man and burning man stuff but somehow it just never works out to get them out there. (Hey, maybe you were that friend!) So our friends coming to their first burning man event and to make it ever more special our friend has his first ever DJing gig....It's going to be on the main stage, Saturday 11am-12pm, DJ Giana. He's an awesome DJ and it would just make his world if there were lots of people out listening to him at his first ever on stage appearance at his first ever burning man event, so stop by, and tell everyone you know!!!

So....summary...Saturday, FDLM...Main stage 11am-12pm, DJ Giana!!!!

(sorry if you're seeing this a few times, I'm cross posting to relevent communities!)
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