otto_t_monkey (otto_t_monkey) wrote in burning_man,

Otto T Monkeys visit to Burning Man 2006

F and my found this hot art car. me and woop woop hanging with this hot chick at The Grand Hotel at Ashram Galactica me and this cool guy rubin i met at The Grand Hotel at Ashram Galactica the second night we got there dust storms started blowing and didn't stop for three days. magickmama was wearing the stylish dust mask and goggles. me, k, and woop woop going for a ride on magickmama's art cart. me and F in front of the lamp lighter's tent. these people go around lighting the street lamps all along the main streets of burning man. this really cool lady had this big mirrored box hanging on bungies that you could climb in and they gave you all kinds of toys blink and light up. then they close you in the box and bounced you around in it for two mins. see i wasn't the only thing that was stuffed out there! me and Fin front of the man. we went to the temple to check out where K and F were going to a ahve their wedding ceremony at and we met one of the temple guardians. i stood up with F and K's at their wedding! on the way back from the tmple we headed to the man to check it out. we met this cute chick who wanted to take a picture in front of artwork of renowned meta–spiritual artist Alex Grey here is some more of his work. HOPE look into his eyes the universe is in his eyes FEARlook into his eyes and find a mushroom cloud dropping by the playa Q for a visit the panty police checking to make sure everyone is wearing at least a 1/3 of their underwear the girls from Russia these are jinn shoes that light up bright yellow at night. they are art cars that ride around two together. there was this really cool art bus that was a giant praying mantis me, K, and woop woop doing the BRC cencses i love it we found a organ grinder and his monkey. we meet this sport caster for the X games channel me in Los Vegas for a night on the town  _fcksavedurl=
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