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Repost! Address correction and link!

Location address correction!
Center of Gravity is at 1300 Gerrard street East!
repost of announcement:
Hello fellow burners!!
BurnT. presents... From DUST till dawn...our
post-Playa production!!!
Saturday, November 18th, 2006.
It will be in Toronto @ The Centre of Gravity
(The Center of Gravity is at 1300 Gerrard Street East!!!!
Theres an all night streetcar and its right near the north east corner.)
Doors open at 9 pm
Addmission: TBD but is probably gonna be about
$10- PLUS a donation to the Food Bank!!! And you
better be wearing your best costume!!!

Come one, come all, for a night of meeting of the
minds, hearts and souls.
There will be exciting art installations, as well
as interactive displays. There will be fire
spinners, open mic, and renown DJ's!!! Munchies of
course!!! Loads of fun and frivolity!!!!
pARTicipants, performers, volunteers, artists and
playarific people welcome!!!!
More info to come, and additional details will be
available at -
sign up for activities/art installations/volunteering etc at

Dust and Love,
Amazon )'(
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