seяяa-jane (pixilated_serra) wrote in burning_man,

large scale UV painting on my shade structure??!

i'm looking for veteran structure builders and large scale mural painting artists / UV enthusiasts to shed some light on the method to my madness for next year's art project!

here's the deal....

for 2007 we're going to be building a fancy schmancy shade structure and i'm the designated UV paint smearer. i want to do some large scale murals on the inside and outsides of the walls of our structure so my questions are as follows;

MATERIAL: what sort of fabric would you recommend? i know something that is breathable is best (to keep the temp down in the day i would like to use something that will be very durable and will stand up to a week of dust storms and mutants.

PAINT/DYE: keep in mind i said UV... i want the whole thing to be UV responsive. i've used acryllic UV paint before but it was was [i]very [/i]expensive and not that good of quality. i don't mind paying a bit but i am going to need this in large quantities and would like it to actually turn out well. i am thinking of doing a basecoat in a non UV, more economical paint and then doing the top layer in UV, and then finnishing off with a high powered finisher. (i don't need paint flakes moopin up the place, thanks!)

i'm also thinking about some sort of dye... perhaps dying the whole surface one UV tone and then painting upon that... any ideas as to how one might go about making UV dye? i've got something of a mad scientist helping with me and he said he'd probably be able to figure something out...

also not entirely sure what sort of paint would be best... i mentioned i've used acryllic before - including that stuff you can add to it to make it better for painting on fabric. but what if i can come up with the chemicals to make something glow UV (safely of course, not just going to dump plutonium all over everything) and just add that to a huge bucket of tempra paint? or latex??

so yes! any one who might have some advice / guidance for me would be greatly appriciated! :)

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