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Kiwiburn 4 will take place from February 9th until February 12th, 2007 at Whakamaru Domain, Mangakino.

The New Zealand Burning Man regional event has evolved from a small start into its own unique event. It has now moved from the South Island to the central North Island and has also taken on Burning Man's key principles (including radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, participation and leave-no-trace). For these reasons the theme this year is 'Megamorphosis'.

The event will be home to a large 'Man', and a Temple (which will both be burned at the end of the festival); as well as Centre Camp and various art installations and large theme camps - all of which are key icons of Burning Man.

There is no money exchanged at Kiwiburn so participants will have to bring everything they need including food and water.

Kiwiburn requires everyone to participate. Each person is encouraged to contribute and bring their own unique ideas to the event, as it is a truly collective experience. Express yourself! DJ! Join a theme camp! Spin some fire! Volunteer! Make some art! Perform your songs! Cook your neighbour some eggs! Come and live with us in this experimental temporary community.

For more information, registration of theme camps, art installations and ticket purchasing please visit


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