a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl (catling) wrote in burning_man,
a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl

Invitation: A collaborative creation project

I am trying to launch a collaborative creation project:


The concept is this:

1. You can create anything you want and send it to the list, rants,
word experiments, poems, MP3s of songs, videos, original scanned art,
photos, stories, essays on any subject you like.

2. Anything sent to the list becomes open source, that means that
once sent to the list anyone on the list can take your work and
"remix" it, create something new, write a sequel to your story... I'm
hoping to get some collaborative serials going where one person starts
a story and another continues it, etc.

I've tried to get this thing off the ground and gotten a few people
signed up, but no one is posting anything but me. Help me out, here!

I'm giving Skreetch one week. If on January 19, 2006 I am still the
only one on the list posting anything, I will declare the experiment a
failure and delete the mailing list and its archives. For one week I
will do my best to try to lure people into the ecstatic joy of
co-creating creative works... if no one is interested, then I'll
shrug, delete the list and concentrate solely on my solo projects.

I know we have some creative folks on here, some talented writers,
artists, musicians. Would you like to collaborate with me and others?
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