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do we really believe that the idealistic unwashed masses of our BM community will ever help the selfish, narrow minded, self important main stream masses see the light of our ways? i mean if Martin Luther King, Gandhi, or even Jesus can't have a true and lasting effect on them then how do we? i guess all we can do is keep trying, and hope they don't do us the way they did them. *sigh* either way i feel that this commercial will be the end of BM. if not by the influx of people who don't hold our ideals, then just the sheer amount of people who will now be coming to the playa. do we really believe that our community will be aloud to grow much larger then it is now? what is the capacity that we are going to be aloud? we are not even thinking about the opportunist thieves, robbers, rapist, molesters, people with hidden camera, and the rest will now be more aware of our community now. i would rather have someone find our community through something or someone of similar interests so they are at least interested in some aspect of our culture. rather then the type of people who will now be massively exposed to BM just from hearing it's name spoofed on Microsoft's commercial day in and day out on every channel. i love that in our community you can be a man kissing a man, or a woman kissing a woman, blacks and whites kissing, be naked, or dress how ever you want and not be ostracizes for it. i love that everyone there feels comfortable being free to express them selves how ever, where ever, when ever they want. i love that the main thing we express is love, acceptance and fellowship of a true kind. as soon as judgmental main stream catches wind of what is happening in our community you can bet they will do what ever they can to shut us down! history has proven this. well we will keep trying and hope we have some kind of chance against the cynical default worlds masses.
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