Chris, Doer of Things (ctuck) wrote in burning_man,
Chris, Doer of Things

Twice As Nice: A good place to shop

For my Bay Area friends, I wanted to suggest Twice as Nice (Google Maps Link) in Half Moon Bay. There are three shops out there, Twice As Nice Inc, Twice As Nice Tools and Electronics, and Twice As Nice Jewelry. I used to swing by there on occasion and never really thought much about it. They sell a lot of second hand items, overstock, or items that are dented/rejected for whatever reason. I went recently, in my supplies buying mode, and looked with different eyes. I tend to stick to second hand shops and places that sell recycled or reusable items. A lot of times, I can not find second tools or supplies for crafting or construction. Twice As Nice, as it turns out, carries a lot of these types of items. I just had never really thought about it.

I went over there today. I bought the following items, and I made a list of items I wish to pick up from there in the future:
  • 5 bundles of 3/16" x 50' Nylon Braid rope ($3.99 ea)
  • 6 1/2 Heavy Duty Eyelet Plier Set ($5.39)
  • 4 packs Glass Beads ($1.30 ea)
  • 2 LED Flash Lights ($2.59 ea)
  • 4 Lucky Star Lightsticks ($.59 ea)
Ok, I got a few other things... thought this would be enough to give you an idea of what they carry and their prices. It's pretty straight forward. So the following list is stuff I am going back for, also to give you a better idea of what you can find:
  • BM Shoes
  • Mallet or Hammer
  • Rope
  • Headlamp and Flashlights
  • Quicklinks
  • Glass Beads
  • Grommet Maker Set
  • Tarp Clamps
  • Quick Charge/Air Compressor/Lamp Battery Unit (nice looking unit!)
If you're starting or prepping to pick up supplies, I am suggesting Twice As Nice. Nice place to shop, close to the beach, and makes you keeping it green (at least a little).

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