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Coyote needs help

I don't know Coyote myself, but I received the following email from my nephew who does know him, and thought people would want to know of this:

This is a call to help out a friend. Read the bottom to read what
happened, then read what I wrote.

If anyone can help, he's gonna need some $ for sure..

Tony is a friend/co-worker. He was a bartender for years, plays sax in a
band, and recently turned into a carpenter as a new trade. He most likely
like me does not have medical insurance, and the bills will for sure stack
up. His Burningman job is he's the lead for a bunch of things, but mostly
he's the one that does the city layout. He's been on staff far longer
then most people as well. Just his BM work is only in the summer, and
the rest of the year he's on his own.

The paypal link is set at $25 per donation. I made 4 this morning.

I know most of you don't know him, but I'm asking if you can afford $25
for a stranger, this is someone that could use it, and I'll stick up for
him as a good deserving person.

Feel free to forward this to other people/burners that may be able to help.



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Subject: [dpw-list] Coyote Fund (fwd)
From: "Tazameir Badgit" <>
Date: Mon, February 12, 2007 00:51

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From: Will Roger Peterson <>
Subject: [dpw-list] Coyote Fund

On the morning of February 1st, on his way home from the (Last) DPW
Treat Street Social, Coyote (Tony Perez) was attacked and badly
beaten by a street gang just a few blocks from his home. He will need
reconstructive surgery on his jaw and wrist. To help him with these
medical expenses and the loss of income from the necessary recovery
time I've set up a paypal account for donations. Go to and follow the links to make a donation.
Thank you for your help.
Will Roger_______________________________________________
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