Pink Monster (iceblink) wrote in burning_man,
Pink Monster

The tragic events

Yesterday was a terrible day for Americans, it was more terrible for some than we will ever be able to imagine.

Some wonderful communities have been started for the disaster of yesterday:




These communities have been set up to handle all of the news, the grief, and the information regarding yesterday's horrible events.

It is time for us to place our issues on the topic there. We need to begin the healing process and go on with our lives.

Please - we don't not need flame wars on this community. The topic is indeed regarding Burning Man in respects to the event the week of labor day and all of the year-round events surrounding that community. It is about peace, love, and joy.

You may think I am heartless and cold. Believe me, this is not the case. I have volunteered and have gotten information out regarding yesterday's event. But the media overload is going to affect people negatively and there needs to be escape and some sense of normalcy. Of course, things aren't just as they were before yesterday.....
Part of the healing process though is dealing with the horrendous loss and moving on.

With respect to ALL members of the community, I request that we resume the topic of Burning Man and all things regarding Burning Man.

PLEASE STOP ALL OF THE HATE FLAMES THAT ARE GOING ON......That is most certainly NOT the spirit of Burning Man. Flinging mud back and forth isn't going to help anyone.

Thank you!

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