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Bad Breath

the last post sparked this.

After returning from the playa last year I developed serious breathing problems. I thought at first that my lungs were just expelling the dust or I had a bad cold but it got to the point that I had to be hospitalized and put on a ventilator. The moment I told them I had been in the Nevada desert on vacation, the docs started going on about all the weird spores that one can inhale down there, I went for chest x-rays and breathing tests, they thought I might have developed asthma but the test came back negative, although close to borderline. Possibly acute bronchitis they still don't know for sure. I still have difficulty breathing, mostly at night/early morning (any time I have been reclining for extended periods) I still use an inhaler daily.

My question is...What do other with breathing problems do on the playa? Do you have any advice other then getting a really good dust mask? Any recommendations were masks are concerned? something comfortable and effective, those little cheap ass white things are neither. I have survived just using a bandanna (more effective then the white things) in the past but I don't really think that is going to cut it this year.
Please keep in mind that I
a) like to play in the occasional dust storms (I realize this may have to be avoided)
b) can't afford RV life, although my tent, while small, is really good for keeping dust out.

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