lrc (lrc) wrote in burning_man,

Tragedy in Gerlach

I just received this email from my nephew who works in the Burningman office in Gerlach:

A close friend and neighbor of mine passed away Sunday. Bill Carter was
crushed under his RV while working on it after getting home from a
vacation. Nothing could be done for him, even though we tried. Services
will be this Saturday. Its a sad time in Gerlach right now. I spent last
Christmas at their house, as they invited me in to be with their family.
They are good people, and this is a tough time for all here in town. He
has lived here most of his life, and was married to his lifelong
sweetheart Sherry, our Burningman office manager. She's going through a
very tough time as well. Please keep warm thoughts for Sherry to recover
from her loss.


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