Flip Side (inushnu) wrote in burning_man,
Flip Side

Don't Eat Pork.

If you haven't heard already, please be advised that there has been a contamination of pork in Northern CA. 1,500 pigs have been fed feed contaminated with MELAMIME.

April 21, 2007

According to the Sacramento Bee, the chemical has made it into pig feed and perhaps onto California tables, with state agricultural officials announcing late Thursday they've quarantined a hog farm where lab tests showed melamine in pig urine.


It won't kill you (I think but who KNOWS what the real truth is) but it will make you sick. It made the love of my life, my dog Raven sick and we're still dealing with it.

Please watch your pets and your food. Raven ate the contaminated food around Feb 8, 2007 and the recall happend right after that. The list is still growing, the [pet] deaths are as well.....all over the world.

Healing to all and Awareness.

-Nush (I will cross-post)
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