Issa (erosissa) wrote in burning_man,

Feets of Fire

Why go to Burning Man if you aren't going to do a few stupid things?? What sounds really stupid? How about being in the desert, facing 100 degree heat and up, an elevation of 4000 feet, high winds, no humidity, the high sun, and running! Join us at high noon on Wednesday at Center Camp. From there we'll run out to 6:00 and the outermost street, then run all the way around the clock. Once we get back to 6:00, we'll run back up to Center Camp and then out to the Man. Who knows how long that is?!? 5K? 10K? A marathon? We won't know until we see how good our sense of circular direction is out on the open playa anyway!

You're encouraged to show up in your runner's gear - cute little shorts and tank tops, and you'll get an official number to wear!

We hope non-runners will join in the fun, too. We could use some cheering on and a Gatorade (or vodka shots!) station or two! Wouldn't hurt to have some art cars along for the ride, either, to pick up anyone who passes out or dies!

Although I'm currently completely out of shape, I've decided to run, and you can follow my journey towards this run here. I've taken some ownership in this event, which means I've got 4 months to take ownership of my body. You can start cheering me on now!
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