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Priority One Emergency GoodThoughts Needed

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Scott "Bounce" Lofgren's widow, Carol "Chukka" Sachs, was in a major accident while boarding a train in Innsbruck, Austria on Friday, April 27. Chukka has had both legs amputated approximately 5" above the knee and was in a medically-induced coma pending further surgery tomorrow (Wednesday).

Her mother will be arriving from the Bay Area on Friday. Updates, as we get them, will be posted to http://chukkasupport.blogspot.com/, which has already been syndicated here as chukkasupport.

The last two years have been incredibly difficult for Chukka; she's never really recovered from Scott's death. Please, keep her in your thoughts.

EDIT: Photos from Scott and Chukka's wedding (at Burning Man in 2005) are now up here.
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