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Eposia's Crosstime Saloon @ Burning Flipside 2007

Eposia's Crosstime Saloon @ Burning Flipside!
Puns! Games! Music! "God's Blessing" and other drinks!

Eposia's Crosstime Saloon, based on Spider Robinson's "Callahan's" series, is a chill, relaxed location to unwind after your adventures, or socialize, rant or share your stories. We have space for playing card or board games or other similar social activities. We encourage musicians, poets, storytellers, prose readers, and other unamplified performance artists to use our stage at any time.

We offer irish coffee (better known as "God's Blessing") and other drink specials. Our special toasting ritual is the perfect way to get something off your chest, or vent about something you love or hate. Paper cups provided for toasting only -- all others, please bring your own cup. Alcohol donations are greatly appreciated.

We are bringing the fine Callahan's Crosstime Saloon tradition to Pyropolis this year. Eposia's is the perfect place to make friends when the grassy playa gets too big!

Eposia's Crosstime Saloon!
#3 Naughty St. (at the corner of Mysterious Way and Naughty Street)
Friday @ Dusk: Symphony of Puns Pun-off Competition
Saturday Afternoon: Unplugged Musicians and Poets Jam

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