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A Symphony of Puns @ Eposia's Crosstime Saloon (Burning Flipside 2007)

→ Attention Citizens of Pyropolis ←
Eposia's Crosstime Saloon
Eposia's Crosstime Saloon
(#3 Naughty St., at the intersection of Mysterious Way and Naughty St.)
chordially invites you to attend

A Symphony of Puns!

Friday night at Dusk
at Burning Flipside 2007

Are you punny? Do you let out a deep bass groan of disapproval whenever you hear this lowest form of humor? Then get your wits in tune for our pun-off competition! As a measure of your dedication to this year's event, our theme this evening will be MUSIC. Bring your favorite alcoholic beverage to share or enjoy one of our drink specials (alcohol donations encouraged); inebriating substances help numb the pain.

So join the Eposia's Crosstime Saloon movement on Friday night at dusk for the Symphony of Puns!

Eposia's Crosstime Saloon!
#3 Naughty St. (at the corner of Mysterious Way and Naughty Street)
Map and more info at


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