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Archetypes, Dreams, Juggling (Los Angeles, CA)

Slightly Used Astronaut Gear For Sale!

Fasten your seatbelts, check your oxygen levels and get your goggles & night vision ready: the mothership leaves Earth on June 16th starting @6pm.

Psychonauts, astronauts of the Psyche aims to take you for a shuttle ride to the far galaxies inside your own psyche. As the mothership moves in and out of the Collective Unconscious, you’ll have a chance to visit your Archetypes, your Dreams and most importantly, your Sphere of Personal Mythology.

Through the graceful and intimate manners of Art & Intellect, you’ll be guided through the narrow corridors of that convoluted labyrinth that is your mind. Be ready for the unexpected. The Unconscious is certainly not a tourist destination.

Produced by Circo de Poesia (Poetry Circus) an artisan alternative in the LA underground for almost a decade, Psychonauts isn’t a rave or a theme party but rather, it attempts to challenge your comfort zone.

Hurry up & purchase your tickets before the price goes up on June 9th. $50 Dollar single tickets good for the 24-hour event are on sale now @ or . Click on Psychonauts Tickets under Navigation.

For full details about this 24-hour Circus Forest Extravaganza, go to the sites listed above and click on the Psychonauts Page on the right side of the page directly under Navigation.
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