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Airlines, Baggage and Coolers.

Heads up, but for those of us flying into Reno we have to worry about certain things you drivers don't.

Checked Baggage on the four major carriers into Reno (Southwest, American, United and Delta) are all capped at 62 inches for size. Some of us like to turn one of those bags into a cooler so we've got one on the playa.

Igloo MaxCold 60 Roller

This thing comes in at just under 62 inches. It's also on sale at Target.com (and stores, you can check which local stores have it on the website) for 36 bucks right now, normally around 50-60 dollars. It is the biggest cooler that falls under the 62 line. Igloo's MaxCold CUBE style wheeled cooler, which is a 70qt vs this models 60qts is 62.5 inches. Now, the question you have to ask yourself shouldn't involve qt sizes. It should involve the fact that this transfers to about 80 cans of space instead of 108 cans of space. If another 30 pack of PBR staying crisp and cold is important enough for you to risk the Oversized Baggage charge, then go with the CUBE (in some CostCo's right now for 40 dollars, check your local one) but personally, I'd like to keep that fifty bucks for the beer I'm buying, not giving it over for a measly half inch of space on a plane.

MaxCold is Igloo's version of the Coleman X-treme line of coolers that keep ice for 5 days in 90 degrees. This transfers into about 2-3 days playa time, but it kicks the butt of whatever normal cooler you might bring out there. Less trips to Artica means less money being spent, and less hearing of your campmates whining about it being their turn to truck to a sales point. Even with three locations this year (Center, 9 and 3) it's still not a fun job. Plus, with the wheels, it's easier to get this there and back.

Can you guess what I've spent my morning doing? Enjoy freaks!
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