quintessence ejaculate (urbanwuff) wrote in burning_man,
quintessence ejaculate

Now I've got a qeustion

Airbeds. I am not looking to drop a mint on an Aerobed only to have it get raped by the environment out on the playa.

I'm looking for a Queen Size Raised (King would be fantastic, but the one company that seems to make them wants around 150 for it) airbed.

Any suggestions? Cheapest I found for an Intex Raised Framed bed was 86 bucks with free shipping. I've had mixed use of low-style, low price Intex beds in the past, but it was more related to the built-in pump then the bed leaking. Also, the frame would be nice to keep movement of the entire bed down. Anybody used one of these before?

Need free shipping on anything you might toss towards me. I've found places with slightly lower prices, but then they charge you 40 bucks to ship the thing because of the weight.

Less then 100 days. Half the fun of Memorial Day Weekend is starting that last leg of the countdown.

Thanks for any help you give.
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