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hey everyone i am having problems getting around on the playa every year and i really need some solid transportation for the burns. i was hoping to figure out something with pedals so i could pass it off without going through the dmv but still have some king of power so when i am out in deep playa and get tired i can sit back and ride. i like the idea of fire! i saw a tricycle at element this year that was powered by flame somehow, it was really cool to watch. it looked like that thing being was being pushed across the grass by the power of the fire?? i would love to have something like that! if all else fails i will go with electric and solar panels and what not, but i really need some help figuring out how to build it. i would even be willing to buy a bike from someone. i was hoping for a big seat like a recumbent seat, something comfy like that for long trips around the playa. something i can turn into an mini art car with el wire to light the way on those dark playa nights. if you know of anyone who can help me find the way, or of where i could buy something close please let me know. i am open to all suggestions. ;)
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