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Hey folks,

In today's LA Times, there's part three of a three part series on the horrors of consumer experiences with U-Haul.

Part three features the story of Gabby Koloszar, a good friend and long-time burner who racked up over $700K in medical bills after a trailer with faulty parts, rented to her group by U-Haul, caused her vehicle to flip over on I-5 while driving back to LA from BRC five years ago.  The result has been a long and complicated legal battle with "missing" evidence, lies, surveillance, and denials on U-Haul's part.  Over the last few years I've heard a number of shady stories about U-Haul, but the material in this story makes it clear that's only the tip of the iceberg.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD -- boycott U-Haul services and do not rent their faulty equipment... for your own safety!  I've had great experiences renting from other providers (who are also much more Burner friendly).  Rent U-Haul and you are risking your life.  Let everyone you know who is considering renting a truck and/or trailer NOT to rent U-Haul.

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