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Peoplez :)

This Thus, June 28th we will be throwing a Burning Man Fundraiser Party for two BM-bound projects (Ambient Dream Garden and [project] Crossroads) at China-1 Bar in East Village, NYC.

We will have two “stages” with two great dj lineups (electronic and latino/ska/reggae/rock/balkan).
Video by blizzArt.
The place has two downstairs bars and a small restaurant upstairs.

The admission is free but we do ask guests to support our projects and donate $10 (or more) to the cause. Many Thanks!!! :)))
We will be showing “parts” of both projects!

So if you are in New York and would like to meet fellow NYC burners and have a great time, listen and dance to great tracks, and start getting into the BM mood, please come!

: Ambient Dream Garden is a project by our friends who are an experienced SF/Chicago/Boston team with folks that has previously brought up such projects as Ambient Chairs, DustToMusic Art-Car, and the amazing Train Station to the Playa.

[project] Crossroads is a first major project by us (NYC-based Camp HighLine) – we’ve been to BM few times but this is our first official installation. Our project has, as its centerpiece, an interactive (“talking”) Traffic Light that reacts to the movement of the passersby (walkers, bicycles, art-cars). IOHO, the idea of having a traffic light in the middle of a desert is as absurd as anything that goes at BM but it also makes a total sense to us as an intersection of paths and lives of complete strangers is a major part of BM experience -- and what is more appropriate for an intersection then a traffic light??? ;))

We will also have ad-hoc signs, supporting articles such as cactus and benches and a (we hope) a diner that will serve food and beer to tired burners. We are planning to play music at night to all those attracted by the lights (which is the way people travel through playa at night – from one blinking star to another).

If you would like to support us, please donate here


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