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still looking for the right camp?

This is my fourth year on the playa and I thought this year I'd step up my participation and do a theme camp. I'm keeping it small the first year, but it's an idea I've been kicking around in my head for a few years now.

I'm doing a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) theme camp. I've always been a big fan of the holiday and I wanted to bring a little of it to the playa. It's popular in Arizona where I'm from and I've participated in local events around the holidays such as parades and festivals.

The camp will be centered around our geodesic dome which will be a small public snuggle/chill space, possibly with hookah and/or a bar on some nights. If I can get the resources together this year I may try to offer some workshops in maskmaking and perhaps even stage a mini Dia de los Muertos parade through the streets, reminiscent of the huge one in Tucson every year.

We plan on having a camp kitchen (though we won't be doing planned meals) and communal space and showers and gray water evap pond. We've got room for more people to camp with us, not asking much except help building and taking down the dome and camp and general companionship and camaraderie. (And helping out with fixing up the dome in the coming weeks, if you're local and have the time.) We have space for vehicles and tents. We're the easy-going, late night, grab-a-bite-and-run types, to give you an idea of what our style is like. We like a little music but aren't super loud. I've asked for placement near the outer rings of the playa, as I'd like it to be a smaller "neighborhood" type camp, as before I've always camped in huge villages or near the esplanade and I'd like to experience more of the "deep end" of the playa this year (and be closer to the damn portapotties!)

I have the bare bones of a site up at I will update it more soon.

For those of you that don't know me this is my first year of doing a theme camp, but fourth year on the playa and I've participated in several theme camps in the past as well as regional projects.

Drop me a line at info at fiestadelosmuertos dot com if this sounds like it might be a good fit for you and we'll talk. Thanks!

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