tantrumgalore (tantrumgalore) wrote in burning_man,

For Your Playa Ass

Smoochdome is pleased to announce our world famous couch raffle!

Win a couch, delivered to the camp of your choice at Burning Man 2007.

(we're so nice, we'll even come by and pick it up at the end of the week)

Yup, that's right, for the measly cost of a raffle ticket, you could be the
envy of your camp mates. Imagine it, your own couch, next to your tent, or
near the burn barrel in your camp!

Remember last year, when all you had to sit on was that crummy collapsible
camp chair? Well, this year, you could have your own couch!

So, click over to www.smoochdome.org, to enter. You can either buy 1 ticket
for $5, or 3 for $10.

We'll be drawing the winner after the NYC container load in (August 11th), and will make an
announcement that weekend.


Bringing couches to the playa since 2004

This is a fundraiser for the registered Burning Man theme camp, Smoochdome.

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