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well transformus was a blast! our camp was a great success. our camp mates did the most amazing play about pandora's box. it so cool and beautiful. my pictures didn't come out too well though because of the lighting, it was pretty dark and eerie. our hookah dome went over great! everyone loved all the food i cooked, so much so that i finally got my playa name. Edible Orgasm!! Edible for short, or as my lee lee calls me Orgasm. i think she calls me that because of our adventures at the human carcass wash. ;) my favorite was Sunday night having my tea party around my new fire pit. i bought all kinds of different teas and a Moroccan brass tea pot. i boiled water all night in the fire glass, and let everyone smell the teas to pick which kinds they liked. it was great because it was very cold sunday night. so it was nice being around the fire pit with hot tea while it was cold out side, it was very warm in side the dome! i went and bought more tea to serve one the playa, so if you love tea then come one come all!! come find us!! we will be camping in proximity to the playa Q because we will be setting up camp for the do nothing campers. so if you are walking near the playa Q and it's not BBQ you are smelling but tea that will be me!!

i have been very busy since we got home from transformus getting ready for the big burn. big burn? well i don't know if i can call it that after maya's dixie bell burned better then all the burns we have seen including "the man". WOW what a burn! she was beautiful!! now we know why they used to burn women, because like everything else women do it better then men!! i have been packing our suit cases to take on the plane. i have been packing the things that i don't want to take a chance not making it there with us, and i have to make sure that they aren't over fifty pounds either. a friend is drive a trailer with our stuff with her from Florida to the burn. i still need to clean my baby before we send it with her. i am not looking froward to that. i need to go through our bins and see what we want to take to the playa as well. i just spent the last week sewing, sewing, sewing!!

well here are all my pictures and some of my friend Larz's (because he has a better camera for taking pictures of people playing with fire)


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