Игорёк (igorek) wrote in burning_man,

Generator use tips

This year our camp is going to have our own gasoline generator. We are looking for any useful input, tips and sharing of experience on this topic. Below is a list of questions that I had from the top of my head. If you could give any other valuable information or links, that would be much appreciated.

1) Air filter - what's the practical interval to clean it considering all the dust what's in the air?
2) Do you place the generator directly on the playa or build some support surface?
3) Noise - I've seen some people building enclosure (like simple plywood box) to reduce noise. Any tips on this? Does it help to use some sort of noise insulation material?
4) What's the good distance from other camp structures for the generator placement?
5) Any good tips on how to safely store gasoline?
6) How much oil is usually being consumed by a generator? What amount of extra oil should we plan to have?
7) Is it difficult to change oil? Do we need to have anything specific for the task?
8) Do you ground your generator? If yes, how?

Thanks to anyone replied!

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