Love, Laughter and Light (kathykat) wrote in burning_man,
Love, Laughter and Light


I am in no way associated with the seller in the above link, other than a happy customer!! My friend ctuck found a glowby in the Playa dust at nite last year and another friend venusrising tracked down what it was and where to buy it online.

I found them for a better price and no sales tax for me, plus combined shipping from a very personable and reasonably priced seller on Ebay. Just thought I'd pass the link on in case anyone finds these nifty little lite ups as interesting as I do! I haven't seen any locally, at least not in the SF Bay Area, unless I'm just missing them?

I suggested she list her future auctions under Burning Man in addition to the other uses she advertises the Glowbys for and I see she has done so...I'm going to use these in my hair, and maybe even on my bike! I got 18 of them in different colors.


27 days and counting!!
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