Love, Laughter and Light (kathykat) wrote in burning_man,
Love, Laughter and Light

Prismatic Tape (revisited) and Spray Paint!?

I got no responses on where to buy prismatic tape in the SF Bay Area and that all important purchase was eluding me until I found some at Michael's. It comes in small packs and are about $6 for two rolls. In fact the package is confusing with a discrepency in the length of product it contains...the two units of measure given do not equal out to the same...well, we'll see how well it goes. I'll be using it to decorate my bike this weekend.

and about Spray Paint!? I want to glorify some cowboy boots for the Playa, and I was thinking of using some old beat up black ones and painting them metallic bronze. So, two questions there really...can anyone recommend a specific shade of bronze or brand of spray paint? and also any opinions on spray painting footwear? would the color hold up or would it tend to flake off badly? create moop? anyone tried this before?

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