Robin (wendypritzke) wrote in burning_man,

quick nervous question

we will be arriving in a p.o.s 1972 rv...with shit growing out of it. yes, growing on it.
now what do you figure the chances are of us getting pulled over? does that happen a lot?...and what do you think we should do to avoid such circumstances?

thanks a bunch...

[EDIT] this entry wasnt about the stupid thing growing out of my rv. i just said that to show you all how pathetic it is. the "plant" first of all isnt a plant, its a little sprig of grass. and it wasnt my idea. it was there when we got it. now i pull it out once a week, but the wet florida weather has other ideas, and it grows sure if nothing else, at least the drive will kill it. so can we please get over the plant?
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