Love, Laughter and Light (kathykat) wrote in burning_man,
Love, Laughter and Light

decorating a rented tips?

So I did some research, made about ten calls, and can't find anything/one/where in the San Jose, CA area that rents trailers for to lug to The Man. One place rented what I needed, but didn't let the equipment out of Santa Clara County. I could lie, but if I were involved in an incident, traffic accident or whatever, that could be problematic at a later date...and besides, I don't like to have the stress of keeping half truths straight.

SO, all that having been said, we are seemingly pretty much stuck with renting a Uhaul trailer. We're going in an Isuzu Rodeo and want to pull the next to biggest size. They were all ready to give us the biggest size and I had to ask several times what the safety recommendation was...they didn't even know...hmmmm, trepidation...!

But anyways, this rented Uhaul will need some sort of something to denote it's destiny for the week, and my question is this: how do you attach signage to the sides? what materials do you use? how to secure it? I was thinking just butcher paper and tape wouldn't be enough....correct me if that's wrong.

What do any of you plan to use to decorate trucks or enclosed trailers?? How do you plan to execute your vision?


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