Free Range Hippie (chaoskitty) wrote in burning_man,
Free Range Hippie

Bay Area Burners

The Golden Gate Park Roller Jam
Sunday, Aug. 19 - 2PM to 6PM.
Come on out and get your last roller disco fix before Burning Man 2007.

Come join D. Miles, San Francisco's "GodFather of Skating" and the Black Rock
Rollers at the Skatin' Place in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park as we present the
final event that will help raise funds to bring the Golden Gate Park skate scene to
the playa at Burning Man 2007. Come on out and get your skate groove on with the
Black Rock Roller Disco and have a funky good time with us!!!

This year the roller disco will be located at Esplanade and Evolution at Center
Camp!!! We are bringing about 75 pairs of new (used) skates, a bigger surface, 2
foosball tables, air hockey, ping pong. a pool table and more. We'll be pumpin' with
the JBL powered 15's all night long and you'll be able to spot that disco ball from
a mile away - maybe 2. Also be on the lookout for some hot all girl Roller Derby
action on the rink. They may give the Thunderdome a run for their money - on

FREE TO ATTEND - $5.00 DONATION FOR SKATE RENTAL - Any donation accepted
For more information, call D. Miles Jr., the GodFather of Skating at 415-752-1967 or
send e-mail to:
Come on out to San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and let's have a great time!!!

Keep Rollin',

D. Miles Jr.
The GodFather of Sk8

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