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Playa Dust and Glasses/Sunglasses? And Health Questions. And Goggles.

I may be going to Burning Man for the first time. I still have not decided. I have tickets and a place to stay, but I need to decide if it will endanger my health. I get fatigued and I have a tendency to inflammation from things. Will the dust exacerbate this? And I also need to plan eyewear.

I have stage IV cancer, a metastasis in my back from breast cancer. I am otherwise quite fit, and can do most things. I am taking Femara, which causes menopausal symptoms and dehydration. My eyes hurt and are dry, so I cannot wear my contact lenses. I have a very serious problem with dry eyes, even in damp Seattle... I do well in the California desert, but I'm wondering if this will get much worse at Burning Man. I would be wearing glasses, and prescription sunglasses... but I wonder which ones to bring.

Will the playa dust scratch and damage my fancy prescription sunglasses? Should I leave them home, and just wear cheap drugstore sunglass flip-ups over an older pair of glasses? I don't want to destroy $400 prescription sunglasses for five days of battling dust. And will goggles protect my glasses and my eyes? Or will I have to take off my glasses to wear goggles? And what kind of goggles should I get? I want something good, not something cheap that will make my eyes worse.

How much does the dust interfere with breathing? I'm not sure I want to do this to my health.

I'm also wondering about food. I'm not really getting along emotionally with the person who'd taking me - an ex with Asperger's, who wants to spend lots of money on me, but who acts a little mean at times. He says "just write down what you want to eat," but I don't know how I will prepare it. He assures me that we will have chests of ice and a place to store food, and cooking facilities.

Under the questions about sunglasses, glasses, and dust... should I go to Burning Man with someone who basically treats me in a mean and neglectful and argumentative way? It means a lot to him, but I don't want to be stuck out in the desert for five days with someone I can't get along with. Are people really friendly enough there that I'd find someone to talk to?

I'm really a little depressed and worried about this. It's supposed to be a great opportunity to experience something, but the person I'm going with is being so nasty and brusque, and I feel alone in trying to figure this out. Under it all, I find out on Monday if the cancer has spread more. This may be, literally, my last chance to go to Burning Man. So my friend who's being cold and mean about it is also reminding me of that... which isn't really helping. I'm on the verge of just saying I won't go.
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