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After several attempts from friends in previous years, I have decided to join the playa in 2008. (I couldn’t dare attempt to go now since its on the cuff and very expensive.)I had questions since people within this community seem to know the right way to approach for the first time.

  1. How well are kids received? I have a child that will be almost six when I take him and I should prepare him now for the week he is going to endure (camping and otherwise; he hasn’t been out in nature like this.)

  2. How well are RV’s on the campsite? I trolled for pictures of actual campsites and hardly any RV’s were there. I am not one for comfort when it comes to camping but my boyfriend and child have taken fond to that idea.

  3. How much do people bring; props, clothing, food, etc..

I know these questions are rather early for me but after finally figuring out what BM is and what it represents it’s made me rather excited. Just want to be prepared.

Is there anything else you can tell a n00b before she gets there?

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