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Alright all you beautiful burners...

If you're gonna be on the playa, get your ass over to Garden of the Holy Moment for happy hour! We're at 7:30 and Grassland. Look for the swing set and the big shiny airstream. Happy hours are as follows:

Tuesday 4pm-6pm: I Might Like You Better If We Made Sock Puppets Together
Garden of the Holy Moment invites you to release your inner Socks Dwarf at our New Wave Happy Hour and Sock Puppet Therapy Session. Create your own sock puppet and use your new friend to unburden your soul in our sock puppet confessional. Feeling tight lipped? Don't worry...our barmacy has all the vodka necessary to loosen you up. But bring your own cup or face a one on one session with Fisty the Sock Puppet.

Thursday 4pm-6pm: Rock Out With Your Sock Out
Garden of the Holy Moment invites you to an afternoon of socks, drugs and rock & roll. We’ll provide the materials to make your own sock puppet, you give it life. Looking for an alter ego to say the things you just can’t say yourself? A friend to keep you warm on those cold playa nights? The Sock Puppet Therapy crew can help. Confess your deepest and darkest in our sock puppet confessional. Self medicate with vodka. Bring your own cup or do the bidding of our deeply disturbed bartendress and her minion Fisty the Sock Puppet.

Hope to see you there!
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