Daniela (daniela) wrote in burning_man,

official ticket info

i got the big happy postcard yesterday.

2000 tickets are available at $125
4000 are available at $145

after these are sold or feb 3, whichever comes first, the send tier begins:
4000 for $165
4000 for $175
and 4000 for $185

everyone is asked to pay $200 if they can afford it.

the first tier is available by mail snail mail only. only people on the bm mailing list are supposed to get these tickets.

there will also be some scholarships granted in the summer.

** NEW: tickets will NOT be sold at the gate after Thursday 11pm! wow! awesome! (it was noon friday last year) gate tickets will START at $250!!

i already have my envelope in the mail! whee!
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