King Neptune (kingneptune) wrote in burning_man,
King Neptune

The Man Burns in 14 Days!

Hello Black Rock Citizens! The Man burns in 14 days! How are your preparations coming along? Did you remember your sunscreen? Goggles? Headlamp? Dust mask? Did you pack enough water? At least one gallon of drinking water per person per day. Stay hydrated!

I'm writing to you on behalf of the Garnish Fire Conclave! We'll be putting on a big ol' show Saturday night at the foot of the Man right before the Burn. We're at the 3:00 position this year, so if you'd like to see the show, that's where you need to be for the Burn! We're also performing at Mystical Misfits on Thursday night and at Camp Suckie Fuckaye on Friday night. Come out for the show! We'll give you a sticker!

Check out some videos!
2007 Garnish Fire Conclave Video
2006 Garnish Fire Conclave Video

You can find me and the rest of Garnish throughout the week at Camp Suckie Fuckaye conveniently located at 6:30 & Arctic. Come on by and say, "Hello" or "Suckie Fuckaye!"

Good luck with your preparations everybody! And remember, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect & Restore!

See you on ze PLAYA!!!

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