There's Always Room for Jill-o (xtingu) wrote in burning_man,
There's Always Room for Jill-o

Mailing your stuff to Reno?

Hey all!

I have to travel internationally for work right before Burning Man, so I was thinking about mailing my BMan gear to Reno so I can pick it up after my flight lands.  I didn't want to schlep all of my gear internationally-- too much of a hassle.

So!  Does anyone have any experience with mailing your gear to Reno?

Ideally, I'd like to know:
1) Where you shipped it, and did you feel comfy with them holding your stuff
2) Was it a hassle picking it up (were the open late-- my flight doesn't land in Reno until 7:30pm)
3) How much stuff you shipped

Due to my job, I'm only able to attend from Thursday -> Monday, so I won't have all that much stuff to ship, really.  Probably just one Rubbermaid tub or so.

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