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Can it hurt to ask?

Today I finally figured out how to transport myself from Michigan to Burning Man. A friend offered me the use of his car in San Francisco, so I bought a ticket to SF today. And this evening my backpack was stolen from the back seat of my friend's car. It contained, among other things, my Burning Man ticket. It also contained my passport, which I was planning to use to escape to some other country to find an English teaching job after Burning Man if I still don't have things figured out. I simply can't afford to replace my ticket. If you can or if you know anyone who can, I'll give you/them a big fat kiss and/or make you some artwork (here's the kind of stuff I do).

I recently quit my unsatisfying office job for a change of course in life. I still haven't come up with what move to make next, but I have been hoping to find an appealing opportunity or perhaps some insight at Burning Man. I bought my ticket very soon after they went on sale. I have no job lined up, and my savings are meager at this point. If you somehow have a spare ticket and are feeling charitable, I'd be very glad and grateful to accept it. I can also offer to drive you to Burning Man from San Francisco or anywhere along the way.

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