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Playa weather update

Passing along an email I received about the weather on the playa this year:

Greetings from the playa where I am happy and well and holed up in my car.
I dont want this to deter anyone from coming, as it's still a blast -
but..batten down the hatches kids, cause the wind is the worst I've seen in
the 12 years I have been coming here. For those of you around when the big
wind hit last year and took our camp down, that is the way it has been the
bulk of the time - really that windy, mostly non stop. The air stream is
shaking and rocking and my tent is tied to every rack and bumper and hitch
the truck & air stream have, and I'm still unsure if it's going to hold up(one pole already snapped). The white out's are lasting a long time, some
well over 5 hours. I hear it has been like this for weeks, don't know if it
will continue through the event. but the green man is about nature, so be
prepared for the force of nature to remind us how small we are!

The good news is that it's warm thus far, even in the middle of the night. However,the garage tents around here seem to be holding up when they have no walls & are tied down every few feet - who knows, maybe the wind will subside. in case it doesn't, i suggest that if you are debating between a tent or a van/suv, you pick the car. be sure to put everything in bins that have locking lids, and in zip locks inside those. if your tent has any open
netting areas that do not zip closed with a solid fabric, i suggest glue
gunning a fabric onto them, closing them up permanently, before you come
here (fabric on the outside of the tent, so it's between the tent & the
rain fly).you can always cut it off later. mine has a few open ones and
theres a good 1/8 inch layer of dust inside, on top of the bed, the floors,
everywhere. had to sleep with dust mask last night. too much to keep up with
& too late to close them off. the wind/dust is coming from the same
direction as always so be sure to park your cars in a way that blocks it
from anything you put up. and lots of bungees, ive been through 20 just for
my tent. phil - great decision in sleeping in the rider truck. i think that
is all to tell - just a whole lot of wind. will update you if it stops. am
still having a total blast, the wind is part of the fun for sure, and look
forward to seeing you'll in a week!

PS - wind reminders -fully enclosed goggles for day & night (not only dark
ones), things that light up so u can be seen, bungees, rope, 2 ft long
reebar - more than you think you need, heavy lotion, lip stuff, baby wipes,
giant sheet or tarp or something to cover all the stuff in your tent (to
stop dust from getting into your bed), and lots of soft towels - more than
you think you need. xx
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