dizzy sensation of being (dali_drama) wrote in burning_man,
dizzy sensation of being

last minute woe

i'll keep the sob story short.

i'm barely scraping my plans and arrangement to make it out to the playa.

financially strained, but determined.


just as things felt like i might be able to pull them off.

got a ride, still looking for a place to camp, but determined to go even if i have to set up my tent in the middle of nowhere.

my old roommate informs me that he has put what remained of my belongings in the apartment out on the street because he "needed the space."

my possessions being my camping gear, all of it. no tent, no shade structure, no tent stakes, all the odds and ends. nothing. gone.

i should also point out that he waited till my birthday to tell me, which was yesterday.

c'est la vie.

but in my progress to make it out to the playa, this has been a huge setback. a setback that will most likely keep me at home and off of the playa this year.

my plea:

i need camping gear. is there any possible way anyone can offer advice or assistance?

i hate asking for things, but a trip to the playa is all i've been looking forward to, i'd hate to lose it.

BTW, i am in san francisco.
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