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On the subject of an early burn

I'm a fifth year Burner and I typically spend 10+ days on the playa.  This year I couldn't and decided to at least squeeze out a quick weekend.  I arrived on Friday the 31st.

I heard about the Man burning early as did everyone else.  In fact, I was surprised just how quickly news spread (I was in Japan when I heard about it!).  I had an initial take, but I have to say that after attending this year, the action seems a whole lot less inspired and/or noteworthy.

You know those signs leading in to the city that have a different message about the theme, current happenings, things to know, etc every year?  Well this year they had a great little rant about being jaded, the "problems" with Burning Man, and so forth.  It was well done and in the format of "Dear Burning Man Directors" (i.e. titled as the "public" might in theory address the org).

It listed many of the common complaints... too many people, too much to see, too much to do, too many frat boys.  It pointed out that the problem couldn't possibly be "me".  It also then listed several things "we" could do to reclaim Burning Man.  Amongst which was the suggestion that we "burn the man before the event" to make it ours again.

Having arrived so late, I thought that might have been put up after the man had burned on Monday.  But I was told by a couple of early arrivers that they remembered seeing that sign prior to the Monday Burn and they were pleasantly reminded of that fact when I brought it up.

Can any other early arrivers confirm this is true?

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