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a bOING bOING blog post about "the incident" (REPOST)

i know JERM the guy who committed suicide!!!! he was my friend! It had nothing to do with burning man, he was already in an unstable frame of mental health, he was a kind young man who didn't have enough attention from the world, and didn't really know how to fit into it. he was smart in his own way, but definately not conventional. He din't finish a lot of school, have a good relationship with his father, or have very much self confidence or support. He had one thing in his life that he loved more than anything, but his immaturity lead him to lose it, and he never got over it. IT WAS NOT BURNING MAN"S FAULT!

This could have happened to anyone. But we need to have great compassion for those who this affects, because it affects a lot of people in a very powerful way, that is truly over whelming. Please pray for the salvation of his soul, and may god have mercy and understand the desperation and sadness he felt inside of his being, and how hard it was for him to move through the world every day carrying that pain around and not knowing really how to communicate himself or move through it. I hope that no one takes fault in this and knows that its a tragic event that shouldn't have ever happened, and its hard to imagine how the people who are close to this can ever be the same again. i am sorry jerm that I couldn't be there for you, and I didn't realize Tuesday morning before you did it how sad you were, or how lost or lonely you were. we will miss you and we are very sad you are now gone.
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