There's Always Room for Jill-o (xtingu) wrote in burning_man,
There's Always Room for Jill-o

Was that a chicken...?

On Friday morning I woke up and used the portojohns at 5:00 and D. Upon my exiting of the stall, I saw a guy with a solid charcoal grey chicken perched on the handlebars of his bike. I knew it must have been fake since BMan is a no dog zone, I figured it'd be, well, a no chicken zone too...
but the thing pecked and fluttered when the guy started pedaling, so holycrap, that was a real live chicken.

He pedaled away before I could say anything. Nobody else seemed to even flinch or notice the chicken, which of course now makes me wonder if I'm crazy.

No, I wasn't on anything. :-)

Anyone else see the guy with the chicken?!
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