A Delicate Corpse Flower (peregrin8) wrote in burning_man,
A Delicate Corpse Flower

Wow. Just...wow.

My friends and I were all virgins in '07. We camped at about 9:45 between Intertidal and Jungle. I got caught in a dust storm without a bandanna. I drummed, danced, and fought in a giant light saber battle. I had to drive to Reno on Friday to get a friend at the emergency room (she turned out to have a severely sprained knee, so I also had the new experience of driving solo cross-country to get our stuff back to D.C.). Got back to the playa on Saturday and watched the [2nd] burning of the Man, and the Crude Awakening fireball. Biked out to the Temple alone at dawn on Sunday.

And have been dreaming I was still on the playa... In every hotel room and rest area, and then when I finally slept in my own bed, I woke up convinced that the room was a giant tent... disappointed that it was not...
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