Katie is a SPACE GIRL! (dearnana) wrote in burning_man,
Katie is a SPACE GIRL!

Camp OnlyFun at 7:30 and Kelp Forrest

anyone know these people?

I was camped at around 7:30 and Kelp Forest from Monday to Monday.

I had some really awesome neighbors who were from SF and had a great time hanging out with them.
I came back late after the temple burn and found they had packed up and left.

I guess they came by a few times looking for me but my friends didn't think to do the contact info thing!

The clues I have to go on are:
-The had a shade structure with ONE LOVE painted on the top
-Timmy is a tall guy with blond hair whos a gym teacher from San Fransisco whos attended BM for many years. He ran around yelling NANOOO NANOOO all night and one night wore a white suit with ONE LOVE painted on the back
-There was a south american they called whootie who was insane lol
-Mo lives in Iowa with her hubby and is supposed to be one of the Playa Flys next year
-We had 2 neighbors from Alaska with their group. Ones nickname was 'Sheet cake" XD
-The whole camp dressed up in bee costumes one night
and the show glasses I received from them that said "Camp Only Fun"
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