Pyrrhus, The Pessimistic Buddah (pyrrhus) wrote in burning_man,
Pyrrhus, The Pessimistic Buddah

The City of Lead and Gold... in Tyranny

This is called the Map of Humanity, (click on the picture for a larger, readable version) I've been looking at it for a while, finding lots of different places. It's interesting to see where the different cities in the world fall. Bahgdad is located near the border of "Worker's Paradise" and "Sorrow, in Poverty. There are some messages here that can't be ignored, some are kind of funny, like the land of gluttony contains "City of McDonalds" and "City of the Burger Kids", as well as Fattisburg, and Graceland.

Given the very humanity driven idea here, I thought other burners might find this pretty cool.

Here's the link to the official page at SLG Publishing.

I originally ran across it here.
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