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i am sure many have read the smug interview that the guy who lit the man gave, where he eluded to a group and may be someone else being being responsible for it. well i don't think he is going to get out of it, it is very obviously him in this picture!

i only wish they had put endangerment charges as well. i could care less about the man burning, what pissed me off is the thought of people under it when he did it. all i keep thinking of is how many people i know that could have been under it at the time and it just pisses me off all over again! dumb F talks about talking someone else out of setting the man on with gas because THAT would endanger people. what did he think he was doing when he set it on fire?? did he not think he could have started a panic? that it could have gone up a lot faster then he intended because of it being on top of a tent this year? i think one of the things that pisses off most is the interview he gave! WTF are you giving interviews like that, where he is so smug, when he is facing some serious charges. Addis has attended Burning Man several times and said he enjoyed the experience. He fondly remembers the 1996 event, where "80 percent of the stuff around us burned - not stuff that wasn't supposed to, but there was a greater sense of danger."

you has anyone even made the connection of him and the signs as you were coming in? other then the obvious lets burn the man on a week day thing. i mean they were ridiculing just that very attitude! every time i think about his interview i want to smack him!! if his hearing wasn't so close i would go there!! i would love to tell the judge my feelings on it.
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