King Neptune (kingneptune) wrote in burning_man,
King Neptune

Drink Water!

Attention Black Rock Citizens! Thank you for making this year so amazing! I think I speak for the entire Suckie Fuckie crew when I say that you people are frickin' awesome. We had a really great time. So many highlights this year. The full lunar eclipse. The oil derrick. The Temple of Forgiveness. The return of El Circo. That crazy monkey thing. The Flaming Piano Toss. The Man's early burn, and thanks to the hard work of the Man Base Crew he was rebuilt! Very impressive.

I've heard some complaints that Black Rock City has changed, that it's not like it was in the old days. Well, this was my ninth year on the playa and I can honestly say that you're right. It's different every time, and that's the beauty of the experience. If it were always the same, it would probably become really, really boring!

The photo above is a picture of our Center Camp Mural. It went up three weeks ago today on the back wall of Center Camp and measured eight by eleven feet. In the evening, we put up two additional posters by the 3:00 Cafe entrance, one of La Contessa and one of Dr Megavolt. Thanks again to everyone for making this such a kick-ass experience. More Fire! Less Rules! Explosions! Explosions! RRAARRR!!!

See you next time!

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