Pagoda Kitchen (sporkly) wrote in burning_man,
Pagoda Kitchen

Misuse of "Decompression" in your community?

So in the absence of an official "Decompression" in our town, there's a party that's the largest burner-style party, in the fall, that has oft been promoted (informally) as an 'unofficial decompression'.

Now this morning, there was a post on the local announce list explaining that this event WAS the regional decompression, because the first call for volunteers hadn't gotten much of a response. Now this event, while generally very well intentioned, does not really live up to the three tenets that one can often measure a 'Decompression' or 'Regional Burning Man Event' by:

1) Open involvement at all levels - the community is to be involved in the throwing of the event, rather than a small group of people
2) open accounting in a timely manner - while this can be that anyone can request the budget, it is preferable that the group self-publish
3) no profiting from the event - and the redistribution of the proceeds is to be decided by the community in a public forum.

I fucking hit the roof. I was PISSED that my regional contacts were signing off on a Decompression that didn't do ANY of these three - while large art grants are given back to the community, the number of people operating the event and deciding where the money went was small, and closed.

So then it turns out that they didn't even approach the regional contacts to request permission, it was merely posted (on the regional-announce list, no less) that this is the regional Decompression.

On the one hand, I'm very relieved that my regional contacts are not in the habit of handing out the umbrella of Decomp, regional event, Burning Man, etc to events that aren't upholding the basic tenets of such community run gatherings. On the other hand, what should be the consequence for a group that hijacks the branding without permission?

Any other towns have this issue?


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